"Strong communities help individuals to heal. Strong individuals help communities to heal."


How can we fill the gaps that leave so many of
the world's people completely neglected?

How can we turn the tide of the trauma...
of the devastation of violence and conflict?

Is it possible for communities to regain the promise of our human
birthright to activate our potential and pursue a purposeful life?


To bring about better conditions in communities in need through collaboration and partnership, offering knowledge and skills of value in resolving and healing from the devastating impact of violence, conflict, and natural disasters, with the core principle of honoring the innate wisdom of human beings and their ability to explore their own challenges and experiences within the context of their own culture and world view, so as to regain resilience, power of choice, and control over their own lives.


"It is my belief that the peoples of the earth live within the webs of cultural and social forces, much as stars and planets exist within webs of natural forces that both bind them together and keep them apart. Though we seem to live as separate individuals, nations, cultures, and faiths, we are one in our humanity." – Heidi Hardin, Artist and Founder of Think Round Inc.

The CSDP is a program of Think Round Inc. a community education non-profit organization dedicated to healing the human family through the arts, science, and community collaboration.

"We hold a vision of a better future where the human family thrives in a world whose air, water, and soil provide in abundance for its plants, animals, and people. Through educational programs, projects, initiatives and activities that are designed to mend our broken heart strings and in collaboration with the programs, projects, initiative and activities of people globally to establish effective, informed stewardship of the world and each other."

For more information about Turning the Tide of Trauma visit: http://www.turningthetideoftrauma.org/ or call (415) 602-9599 or email Heidi at heidi@heidihardin.com to sign up for our bi-annual open enrollments for free trauma incident reduction therapy.