A new public artwork created by San Francisco artists working with local children and youth…

Stream of Consciousness

is a new public artwork produced by Think Round Inc., commissioned by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, created by Heidi Hardin working with Colette Crutcher, Margo Bors and Nikki Lau—all teaching after-school and fifth grade students at Willie L. Brown Jr. Academy with help from students and teachers at Thurgood Marshall Academic High School and Amador Valley High School all supported by a cadre of teen artists/interns from City College of San Francisco.

Stream of Consciousness is a rich banner of animated visual images telling the story of water—from the depths of the sea to the constellations of the sky—through original visual images that were handmade in clay by children and youth and our artists. The children’s tiles are interspersed by a ribbon of specially selected quotes from historic and contemporary science and literature that were hand-stamped into clay by interns. When the panels are laid in one line, they will stretch 120 feet across the back of two public park benches at Hunters Point Shipyard becoming an integral element of outdoor seating that for the about-to-be constructed public park and a prominent designs feature that will afford both visitors and residents stunning views of the Bay Region!

Water’s story made over a period of six months in a workshop classroom at Willie L. Brown Academy in San Francisco. The artwork is composed of 24- handmade panels. Each panel is 1’ high by 5’ long and approximately 1” thick.

Special seating element for the new Shipyard Hilltop Park…

STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS begins to flow as the twenty four panels are installed at Hunters Point Shipyard Hill Point Park in January 2016.

STREAM OF CONSCIOUSNESS begins to flow as the twenty four panels are installed at Hunters Point Shipyard Hill Point Park in January 2016.

The 24-mosaic panels are now installed with bench seating.

An initiative of the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency…

Steam of Consciousness was commissioned by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency, Hunters Point Shipyard Project and is a part of the Cultural Historic Recognition Program known as CHRP, and one of 11-community benefits programs.

The public artwork is one of nine artworks commissioned by the Agency for Hilltop Park following a national, open artist search and intensive local community outreach effort in 2009. Nine artists were selected by an art jury comprised of representatives from the community, professional arts leaders, the developer Lennar and the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency. Artists Jerry Ross Barrish, Marion Coleman, Jessica Bodner, Matthew Geller, Mildred Howard with Walter Hood, Eric Powell, Rebar Group, and Jason Webster in addition to Heidi Hardin comprise this first group of artists to create work for the new Shipyard. Many of the artists have personal or artistic roots in the Shipyard and some celebrate historic themes about the Shipyard or Bayview Hunters Point community.

HPS Public Art also conducts a model youth in public art program produced by California Lawyers for the Arts (C.L.A.) for the Agency. Youth have an opportunity to meet the nine artists and learn about their plans for the public art commissions while engaging in hands-on arts activities and visiting artist studios and museums.

The HPS Public Art projects are supported by the Agency and funded by a grant from the United States Department of Commerce, Economic Development Administration (EDA).

For more information about Stream of Consciousness please contact artist Heidi Hardin at heidi@heidihardin.com or (415) 692-9599.
For information about the Hunters Point Shipyard Project or HPS Public Art program please contact Amabel Akwa-Asare at Amabel.Akwa-Asare@sfgov.org or (415) 749-2592.

For more information about STREAM, please call Think Round, Inc. at 415.771.2198