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This program was presented in collaboration with the Education Department of the de Young Museum and was conceived, designed and coordinated by Think Round, Inc.

Classes were presented in a 12 weeks series on Saturday mornings from 10-11:30 a.m. at the Bayview Opera House. Classes were introduced by artists from the community or by Ambassadors from the deYoung Museum are based on artworks from Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas and Oceania. Our artists guided projects that explore family roles: ancestors, grandparents, moms, dads, boys, girls, infants, adolescents and family setting: home, front yard, backyard. Family members worked together to make masks, button blankets, Grecian urns, ancestor dolls, pyramids, Kachina dolls, animal masks, ceramics of all kinds. Having fun and learning new things about each other and the world was our purpose.  The art made is displayed here for your viewing pleasure.

This Bayview Opera House class celebrates family and explores family creativity!  It is free to Kids ages 2-12 with guardian; Teens ages 13-17.  Continental breakfast is available for everyone. Join us in our next program that will begin in the near future if all goes as planned.

We served 32 community residents ranging in age from 2 to 82 from 12 families in this first session of the FAMILY ARTS PROGRAM. Over the past eleven weeks, we have served: grandparents, parents, teens, youth, children and infants from all ethnic groups.  Our families return weekly and our classes are growing. We are prepared to expand our weekly capacity as the program grows in the years to come through outreach and word-of-mouth recruitment. Our artists are from the community and Hunters Point Shipyard and also include de Young Museum Ambassadors. We are currently seeking expanded collaborators with the 100 Families Project/Oakland and with the Education Department of the Asian Art Museum.