the center for the human family

The seven installations of the Human Family Tree/A Walk Through Paradise... are envisioned be the great attractor or centerpiece of The Center for the Human Family. Laid out as a labyrinth as large as a football field, each of the seven "houses" of The Center for the Human Family will celebrate the ethnic, cultural and spiritual heritage of the seven world religions as seen through the life stories of Heidi Hardin's subjects. These stories will be illuminated through 546 paintings set in multi-media environments of twenty-eight families from around the world who now live and work in the Bay Area.

Think Round, Inc. was created, in addition to expanding the presentation and curricula of The Children's Mural Program and KEEP!, to fund the completion of The Human Family Tree/A Walk Through Paradise... as well as the building of The Center for the Human FamilyThe Center for the Human Family is in planning as a destination for families, where they will go--physically, or virtually over the world wide web--not to be entertained (like at Disneyland), but to have an authentic experience of being human, of being a member of The Human Family. The Center for Family will provide facilities for individuals and groups, families and foes, to study world religions, human spiritual evolution, consciousness and creativity. The Center for Family will also provide programs for social and political conflict resolution; personal and family healing, as well as arts programs that will help establish happy, healthy and sustainable living on the planet.