Heidi Hardin’s twelve years of service as member of the Mayor’s Citizen’s Advisory Committee for Reuse of Hunters Point Shipyard ignited a deep appreciation for public process and civic leadership and launched her desire to share these activities and their outcomes with the children of the Bayview Hunters Point community by developing the sophisticated arts and science curricula of The Children’s Mural Program and KEEP!. However, in addition to being a community-based arts administrator and educator, Heidi Hardin is a practicing fine artist who has exhibited nationally in museums and galleries for the past thirty years.  Her work with children, adults and seniors in the Bayview Hunters Point community, as well as their teachers and principals, has influenced her own artwork and sensitized her to the needs of the planet—something for which her undergraduate education and training in biology prepared her.  

Her work as a Museum Artist at the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco instilled the sacred nature of art from Oceania, Africa, the Northwest Coast and all of the Americas. All of these influences, as well as an abiding search for her own spiritual center, have culminated in the remembering of her birth vision—that which she believes she came to earth this lifetime to accomplish: the creation of The Human Family Tree Project and The Center for Families.

In 2004 she founded Think Round, Inc. to accomplish her vision both as arts educator and as a fine artist. Her teaching and artwork celebrate this message: “Earth is Home. Humans are Family.”